The 8th International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics

29th October-2nd November 2018, Hangzhou, China: Issues associated with Environmental Geotechnics continue to be a major preoccupation for governments, public and private organizations and the general community around the world.

With the support from the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) and the Technical Committee of Environmental Geotechnics (TC215), the Environmental Geotechnics Congress Series has been held on regular basis since 1994 (Canada 1994; Japan 1996; Portugal, 1998; Brazil 2002; UK 2006; India 2010; Australia 2014), and established itself as a highly influential forum for exchange and discussion on the subject.

The Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Soft Soils and Geoenvironmental Engineering, Zhejiang University, CISMGE and HKGES are pleased to invite you to attend the 8th International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics (ICEG2018) in November 2018 in Hangzhou, China.

The congress theme is "Towards a sustainable Geoenvironment". "Sustainable Development is that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." 

Geoenvironment is a specific compartment of the environment and comprises portions of geosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. Under this theme the congress will cover a broad range of topics and will provide an excellent opportunity for academics, engineers, scientists, government officials and planners to present and exchange the latest developments in the research and application of environmental geotechnics.

Congress Topics:
1. Geoenvironmental risk assessment, management, and sustainability
2. Geotechnical recycling and recuse of waste materials
3. Transport, persistence, and fate of pollutants
4. Landfills for solid waste and engineered barriers
5. Contaminated land and remediation technologies
6. Application of geosynthetics in geo-environmental engineering
7. Geoenvironmental aspect of Energy Geotechnology
8. Tailings and mine waste

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